Dreaming of a True World A Opchine Wala Ohkon, is a collection of poems, stories and memories by Ed Little Crow, Lakota/Dakota veteran of the American Indian Movement/the Seige of Wounded Knee, 1973  and member of the Elder's Council in Southern Oregon.

“Eddie Little Crow is a revered elder, father, bundle keeper and friend. His teachings come from a long unbroken line of traditions that guide him in his daily life. Growing up in the Native way, he continues to pass on knowledge, run ceremonies and counsel those who are in need.    This book, A Opchine Wala Ohkon (Lakota for dreaming of a true world)  is one of the culminations of his long walk on the Red Road.”   --Dan Wahpepah, Anishinabe/Kickapoo, Sac and Fox Drumkeeper, co-founder of Red Earth Descendants (Ashland, Or)

These are Little Crow's writings and thoughts about the world as we find it now, the world as he knew it when he was young. "Dreaming"  is a quintessential journey into the borderlands of human survival. Included are his poems from the 1980's and 90's, previously unpublished stories about the American Indian Movement, and commentaries about "being Indian", all transcribed from Little Crow interviews conducted in Ashland, Or. 2006.

Book includes tribute to Dave Chief (RIP 1929-2005), Lakota, photos by antoinette nora claypoole and  old AIM images donated by Robert Robideau (RIP Feb. 2009). 

Sharon Doubiago, Oregon Literary Arts “poetry book of the year” award winner, praises Little Crow's new work: 

“If I had a horse I would ride
To the thundering fall 
To taste the brother hood floating free in this land of our seed....              
 There are no elders anymore to make predictions or prophecies to teach people,
especially young people, children, how to live in this alienation….  
 But Ed Little Crow is our elder and he is teaching us here in his words and thoughts collected by Wild Embers” 
photos/intro  by antoinette nora claypoole
archived AIM images donated by Robert Robideau, Anishinabe/Ojibway (RIP Feb. 2009)

stories, poems, memories
by Ed Little Crow

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